Five Surprising Hazards in Your Home

Five Surprising Hazards in Your Home | 1. Mini Blind Cords, 2. Electrical Outlets, 3. Bookshelves, 4. Hot Bathwater Nozzles, 5. Door Safety

For new parents, it can be hard to recognize a lot of the hazards in the home, which is completely normal. The best thing, however, is that you can educate yourself on how to increase child safety in your home.

1. Mini Blind Cords

Make sure that the window blinds cords that are too long or end in a loop are taken care of before the new addition to the family comes. These cords are dangerous as a toddler can get caught in them and trip, or even accidentally wrap them around their necks and choke. Where children are concerned the rule is ‘safety first’ so cut the cords, tuck them up high, or purchase a special cord shorter.

2. Electrical Outlets

Curious toddlers love to play with just about anything. But this is extremely dangerous when it comes to electrical outlets. Many products are now available to increase child safety where sockets are concerned like self-closing outlet covers and plug protectors.

3. Bookshelves and Self-Standing Cabinets

Bookshelves or self-standing cabinets that are not secured to the wall always have a chance that they can topple over. If either of these are wobbly, have drawers were the weight can shift unevenly, or have drawers that pull all the way out without a stopper, this is extremely dangerous. Make sure that all bookshelves and self-standing cabinets are secured to the wall or to the floor. Furniture Straps are one of the most effective ways to securely hold bookshelves, furniture, or self-standing cabinets up to prevent fall-overs.  

4. Hot Bathwater Nozzles

Burns from hot water can accidentally happen within a matter of seconds if proper precautions are not taken. Often hot water heaters are set to the highest level which produces water temperatures that can be very dangerous. One safety precaution would be to turn the hot water heaters temperature down to a safer level while your child is small.

5. Door Safety

If a door shuts on your child’s fingers it can result in a very painful pinch. Other jamming injuries can also take place within a matter of seconds, as well as children getting locked inside a room accidentally. A quick, affordable, effective way to keep your child safe and prevent any of this from happening is by using Door Pinch Guards which simply slide onto the outer edge of any interior door.