Room by Room Guide For Baby Proofing Any Home

Room by Room Guide For Baby Proofing Any Home

It can be very overwhelming to baby proof the whole house for the new baby. New parents often need a guide to make sure they don’t forget a crucial component of child safety.


It is important to first baby proof the tub so as to make sure that the child never gets any burns. Children can accidentally turn hot water taps, resulting in scalding burns. It is also important to install baby safety locks on any cabinets you have in the bathroom to prevent them from getting to bathroom products. Medicine and harmful products should always be placed high up and out of reach in addition to a safety lock for maximum protection.

Living Room

These are rooms which often hold our television sets and small appliances. This means access to electricity and toddlers often have a habit of being curious about outlets. Make sure you use outlet plug covers to prevent any tiny fingers from getting shocked. Television sets are also often prone to be pulled down by children, so baby proof them by installing furniture straps or TV anchor straps!

Main Hallways

Main hallways often lead to the front door and it is important that the child doesn’t open the door and leave the house. Doorknob covers are a fantastic way to prevent children from opening the door. Hallways also hold cupboards or shelves, which can be a source of curiosity and amusement for the child. Make sure there are baby safety locks installed on the doors and cupboards of the room. If you have cupboards with the potential of toppling over make sure to install furniture straps.  


Make sure you install a baby gate at the top and bottom of the stairs. This is to ensure that the child doesn’t accidentally fall down the stairs while attempting to go up and down the stairs. Safety first is the number one rule of any household with a toddler.


It is important that every door of the house be protected as doors can close on the small hands of the baby. It is important to install door stoppers to ensure that they don’t pinch their fingers or get locked in a room. Doorknob covers are also a great way to keep children out of rooms they should not be in.