Toddler Safety Checklist

Toddler Safety Checklist

Toddlers can be tricky as they are grown enough to have their own ideas, but their bodies and emotions have not yet fully developed! To help parents navigate the toddler years we have prepared the following list to help prevent accidents from happening!

    • Lock windows with a window lock to prevent possible opening and climbing out by the toddler.  
      • Keep household medications in a child-resistant container along with placing containers in a high cabinet so it is out of reach. 
        • Unplug smaller appliances and keep out of reach.
          • Remove all sharp items from the countertop and place out of reach.
            • Secure all doors leading outside or to off-limits areas. 
              • Place all hot foods in the center of the table or towards the back of countertop to avoid toddler from accidentally pulling it over. 
                • Ensure that all tall and heavier chests, drawers, and other items are secured to the wall to prevent item falling. 

                      When it comes to keeping toddlers out of trouble it can seem like a daunting task but following these key rules will help to prevent accidents from happening. 


                      TODDLER SAFETY PRODUCTS: