Wittle Door Knob Safety Covers (4 pack)
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Wittle Door Knob Safety Covers (4 pack)

Wittle Door Knob Safety Covers (4 pack)

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Wittle Baby Door Knob Locks Make Childproofing Simple!

As parents, we know that baby proofing is important to ensure the safety and well-being of our little ones. Small children, toddlers, and crawling babies love to explore, and their curiosity often leads them to objects, places, and rooms where they can get hurt. The Wittle safety door knob covers are perfect for preventing your child from entering or exiting a particular room.

Your child won't figure these baby safety locks out. Keep your toddler safe by preventing them from entering designated rooms, pantries, or closets in your home. The Wittle door locks for kids can also keep them from roaming around the house in the middle of the night. When installed, the doorknob cover will just spin around the doorknob and prevent little hands from gripping the knob.


The Wittle baby door locks are easy for adults to use. To enter the room simply place your thumb and index finger through the holes in the cover, grip the knob, and turn to open the door. The child-proof locks are also easy for adults to remove so you can reuse them on different interior doors or take them with you when traveling for child safety on the go.


When properly assembled, the child door lock will spin freely around the door handle. Little fingers or hands won't be able to grip the knob to open the door.


The Wittle door safety locks are unobtrusive to blend with the decor style in your home. Although designed for standard and spherical doorknobs, they may also work for a variety of other door knob types (antique, glass, egg-shaped, round, oval, mushroom-shaped, etc.) as long as the diameter of the widest part of the knob is less than 2.5 inches.


Snap together the two halves around the doorknob for quick and convenient childproofing. Easily remove the child safety locks by pushing down on the arrows on the side. Now you can reuse them on a different interior door or take them with you on vacation or to grandma’s house to ensure toddler safety.