Wittle Finger Pinch Guards (4 pack)
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Wittle Finger Pinch Guards (4 pack)
Wittle Finger Pinch Guards (4 pack)

Wittle Finger Pinch Guards (4 pack)

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Wittle Baby Finger Pinch Guards Make Childproofing Simple!

As parents, we know that child proofing is important to ensure the safety and well-being of our little ones. The force and weight of a door slamming shut can result in considerable damage to your child’s small and delicate hands. The Wittle door slam stopper is the perfect solution for avoiding painful finger pinch and jamming injuries.

It is time to stop those slamming doors, accidental lock-ins, and painful finger injuries and baby proof doors the simpler way. The Wittle baby door stopper is simple and effective at preventing doors from slamming shut and squishing little fingers. They also can be used as a dog or cat door stopper to keep pets from accidentally getting locked in a room.


OPTION 1: Place the Wittle foam door stopper around the outer edge of the door and high enough up to be out of reach for children.

OPTION 2: Place the Wittle child proof door stop around the top of the door at least 6 inches from the outer edge.


The flexible C-shape design fits easily around any door and the sleek white color fits any decor style. The Wittle door slam preventer is made of high-quality, non-toxic EVA foam that is durable and won’t lose its form over time. You can conveniently hang it around the door handle when not in use.


Even without little ones, these can be so useful as a door draft stopper by providing a soft cushion between the door and door frame. This prevents doors slamming shut due to a breeze coming from an open window or a draft caused by a vent. Similarly, it’ll keep doors open to allow cats and dogs to roam freely without accidentally getting stuck in a room.