Baby Safety For Curious Crawlers

  When babies start crawling it is very exciting. Keeping new crawlers safe is a entirely different story!

  • When your child finally starts crawling it is an amazing moment you will never forget! Unfortunately, your little explorer will now get into every single thing around your house! Your little one now sees this exciting new world of grabbing, tasting, and trying everything for themselves. As soon as they start rolling over, rocking, or trying to pull themselves up here are several tips to let your baby explore while keeping them out of trouble!
  • Keep household cleaners, medicines, and any type of chemicals up high enough so your child cannot reach. One great way to keep babies out of cabinets that are in reach is by using Cabinet Locks
  • New crawlers will quickly start attempting to pull themselves up, usually on furniture, as they move to the next stage of walking. Make sure all your furniture corners or sharp edges, and doors are protected in case of falls. Corner Protectors, Edge Protectors, and Foam Door Stopper Pinch Guards offer an inexpensive way to do this.
  • All electrical outlets plugs will now look very tempting for your child to test. Make sure all outlets are closed off so fingers, small toys, or objects, in general, cannot be inserted into the outlet. Self Closing Outlet Covers or Outlet Plugs offer a simple way to prevent this from happening. 
  • Keeping little crawlers out of unsafe or unwanted rooms will definitely come into play. Rooms, where you keep your computer, cleaning supplies, cat food or the cat's litter box, will now be in their range to explore. Baby Gates, Pet Gates, or Door Latches will prevent your baby from entering but still allow adults access to the room when needed. 

Now that your little one has entered this new world of "exploring" letting them roam throughout your house while keeping them safe can be achieved within a day by picking up the right items. The risks of harm to crawling babies vary drastically from house to house but it seems the items above are almost a must for all!