How to Keep Your Baby Away From the Dangers of Electricity

How to Keep Your Baby Away From the Dangers of Electricity

We often forget just how dangerous electricity can be since it is so normalized into our daily routines. If you have a newborn or a toddler in your house, it is important to ensure child safety by keeping them away from the dangers of electricity. Innovations in baby proofing have led to several products that can ensure home safety for your baby, toddler, or young child. Baby proofing companies like Wittle provide some really easy to use products and creative ways to make sure your home has maximum child safety precautions in place.

Outlet Covers

Some products can make a big difference when it comes to the safety of your baby. Since children are often highly curious, take some time and money to invest in innovative baby proofing techniques. Self-Closing Outlet Covers take barely 30 seconds to install and can be installed on most wall outlets. When not in use, the sliding covers close automatically preventing any toddler from accessing the sockets to ensure child safety. Self-Closing covers are perfect for outlets that are frequently used!

Another easy-to-use outlet protector is Plug Protectors. They are simply pushed into your sockets the same way you would push in a plug. They are hard to remove by little hands since they are tight fitting, but adults can remove them more easily when it is time to use the electrical socket. Plug Protectors are ideal for electrical outlets that are not frequently used.

Avoid Using Electrical Cords

Power strips and extension cords can be really dangerous especially when used in a child’s room. Children can often put their fingers in the wrong place while crawling, or even have a tendency to chew on things found within reach.

Avoid using cords and wires as much as you can and especially those that travel on the floor, as they can be within reach. Kids can also tug on such wires to knock the appliances attached to them down. Home safety is definitely a priority when it comes to children so don't hesitate to hire a  professional to properly install and hide your wiring to be safe. Toddlers can accidentally step on or trip over wires on the floor. 

Shorten Cords

Having unnecessary long wires isn’t a good idea around children. They can get caught in the loops of the extra wire and fall down. Remember to use shorter wires or use cord clips to pin wires onto furniture to avoid any accidents.

Your child's safety is one of the most important jobs you have as a parent. However, ensuring your home's safety is now easier with creative products and techniques such as electric covers and other innovative baby proofing products.